New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Avis soins zinc Typology.

Opinions on zinc-based skincare treatments.

Zinc is a mineral that is particularly prevalent in skin and hair care products. Its concentration is restricted in Europe according to cosmetic regulations to 1% zinc in the final product. Zinc is present in more than thirty cosmetic ingredients, some of which are more controversial than others and have diverse actions (antimicrobial, surfactant, foaming agent, pH regulator...). At Typology, we primarily use the zinc PCA, a gentle active ingredient, non-controversial and tolerated by all skin types.

Reviews on our local imperfection serum.

The local blemish serum contains 2% salicylic acid and 1% zinc, for a anti-bacterial and purifying overall action. It is typically used as a treatment, over a limited period of time, in local application : a single drop is enough for an isolated pimple. Here are some comments from our users about it:

  • Charlyne B. (03/25/2019): "Very effective product, results are visible after 2-3 days and the scars left by blemishes become invisible."

  • Melissa B. (03/12/2021): " The results are impressive! The product is not sticky, has no odor, and is easy to apply. ";

  • Royer M. (03/28/2019): "A true solution for reducing imperfections! One of the few products I've tried that shows results."

  • Yoann B. (12/24/2019): "The bottle may seem small, but in reality, the amount of product that needs to be applied is minimal, so it lasts quite a long time. The product is simply magical! After 3-4 days of application, my pimples started to disappear, even the marks that I've had for several years! I recommend this product."

This Typology treatment offers a targeted result. Based on the above comments, the application is easy and the results are observable after just a few days of use on both blemishes and scars.

Reviews on our mattifying serum.

This concentrate is rich in azelaic acid derived from plants and bamboo extract, designed to reduce excess sebum and mattify oily skin. This matte serum is to be used morning and evening, before your moisturizing cream. It is particularly recommended for combination and oily skin prone to acne. Here are some user reviews about it:

  • Sarah (4/11/2019): "A very fluid serum that quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it soft and matte. It's great on small pimples, my sensitive, redness-prone skin tolerates it perfectly, and as a bonus, it's also effective on rosacea pimples. For my skin, it's the best."

  • Guillaume W. (11/22/2019): "After testing several products and brands, I believe I have found "The Product". I've been using it for about 15 days. The effects are noticeable: less oily skin, tightened pores, and fewer blackheads. Moreover, it leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin, no tightness, not too oily, but soft skin. The best part, it's natural. I approve. Thank you, Typology."

  • Asmahane A. (11/16/2019) : "This serum does its job well. I am very satisfied with it. I apply it before my mattifying moisturizing cream and the combination of the two ensures that my skin does not shine throughout the day."

  • Sandrine (12/11/2019): "The best mattifying serum I've ever tried. The effect lasts on me all day, a feat considering that usually my skin becomes shiny very quickly."

Users therefore observe results quickly after daily use of the serum. Their complexion is evened out, the skin is less oily throughout the day, and blemishes become less frequent.

Reviews on our purifying cleansing gel.

Thepurifying cleansing gelis concentrated with purifying active ingredients such as zinc PCA. This cleansing gel sanitizes the skin, regulates sebum production, and limits the development of blemishes. To use it, apply a dab of gel on damp skin in the morning and/or evening. The gel emulsifies upon contact with water into a fine foam. Massage the face and then rinse. Here are some comments from our customers about it:

  • Vildan Y. (8/12/2021) : "How I love washing my face morning and evening with this product! It suits me perfectly and cleans deeply. I hardly have any pimples since I adopted the Typology routine. Thank you!"

  • Melinda M. (5/01/2022) : "I love it, having a skin that's super reactive to cleansing products, this one didn't irritate me at all, on the contrary, my skin is completely clean, clear, and soft!"

  • Laura C. (12/23/2021) : "A pleasure to cleanse the face! Smooth skin texture. Pleasant feel. And a remarkable quantity. The bottle lasts two months with daily use. I recommend."

  • Thibaut S. (11/26/2022) : "I use it every morning and my skin is deeply cleansed, I really love this product. It lathers slightly and leaves a feeling of softness on the face. As someone with oily skin, it's essential for feeling that my skin is thoroughly cleansed."

Opinions on the purifying face cream.

Due to its content of sebum-regulating and antibacterial actives, ourpurifying face creammade with 4% zinc PCA and bamboo extract is ideal for moderating sebum secretion, refining skin texture, and preventing the appearance of unsightly blackheads. It should be applied daily to clean, dry skin, over yourface serum, using small circular movements during application until the cream is fully absorbed. However, this cream is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to the essential oils it contains. Discover some reviews about it below.

  • Maelann G. (10/18/2020) : "Truly purifies the skin, makes it soft, and creates a mattifying effect for the rest of the day, I am extremely satisfied with this cream. No regrets!"

  • Lucie G. (3/08/2020) : "Significantly improved skin, smoother, fewer redness and blemishes when combined with the nettle soap. Very satisfied with this product, the skin is less oily, regulates sebum well. I have very reactive skin and I had an excellent tolerance to the cream."

  • Julien W. (07/19/2020) : "I had almost given up on being able to hydrate my oily, blemish-prone skin, as every product I bought in stores seemed to exacerbate my problems rather than solve them. This one, however, mattifies my skin well and hydrates it perfectly. Thank you!"

  • Faustine F. (5/08/2020) : "This cream is perfect for my combination skin! It soothes imperfections while providing the necessary hydration to my skin!"

Opinions on the purifying body serum.

The purifying body serum made from zinc PCA and tea tree extract is applied locally to blemishes. It helps to combat pimples that do not only appear on the face but can also be found on the body.

  • Louise M. (09/10/2021) : "Reduces blemishes without drying out the skin. I use this serum on my back and shoulders (which were covered in large and small red blemishes) and after 3 weeks of use, I'm starting to see results. I no longer have large red blemishes and when a small one appears, just a drop is enough to reduce it or make it disappear overnight." ;

  • Vanessa M. (07/25/2022) : "Top-notch serum! My daughter was struggling with her back acne, and the serum combined with the anti-imperfection shower gel : goodbye acne and spots!"

  • Voula Z. (09/09/2021) : "Simply amazing. I was very hesitant because of my sensitive skin but this product is absolutely incredible."

  • Annett B. (10/15/2022) : "Incredible texture, scent, and most importantly, results. I will buy again!"

Reviews on our purifying scalp treatment.

For oily dandruff, the purifying hair serum helps to get rid of it permanently, it is necessary to rely on sebum-regulating active ingredients. Our purifying scalp treatment is composed of 4% of zinc PCA and nettle extract which are known for their purifying and sebum-regulating properties. In addition to this, it contains essential oils of peppermint andeucalyptus globulus which, thanks to their antibacterial and antifungal virtues, help to sanitize the scalp by fighting against the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for dandruff. Here are some reviews regarding this hair care product.

  • Cassandra B. (08/31/2021) : "The product is very good with a pleasant scent. It does not make the hair greasy at all and is effective in the long term."

  • Karine C. (03/22/2022) : "I've tried so many that I only half believed in it. Well, I've found the product that purifies without drying out the scalp. Very satisfied!"

  • Victoria F. (02/23/2022) : "Although the dropper only provides a small dose, it is more than enough to treat the scalp. No more dandruff problems!"

Reviews on our SPF30 face sunscreen.

Zinc is present in this sunscreen in the form of non-nanometric zinc oxide . It remains on the skin's surface and provides comprehensive UVA and UVB protection. It also has mattifying properties. Here are some feedback from our customers regarding this protective care.

  • Isabelle W. (07/17/2021) : "With fair skin, I need good protection and this sunscreen is perfect. It's non-greasy, protects, and leaves the skin soft."

  • Nadia L. (07/19/2021) : "I really like the very understated presentation, the fragrance is subtle. The cream leaves no white residue, it blends well into the skin. The protection is sufficient for my skin which tans rather easily."

  • Renata V. (07/20/2021) : "This is exactly what I was looking for. I have very dry skin and this cream is light but nourishing while protecting the skin. The scent is delightful!"

  • Marie H. (07/22/2021) : "Very comfortable cream, leaves no white residue and absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy film on the face. Excellent makeup base as well. I recommend."


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