Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Les essentiels beauté d'une maman

The beauty essentials of a mother

Even though new mothers often have less time to take care of themselves, some routines are quick. Looking good is good for morale, so even if the children are the priority, it's essential to take a few minutes for oneself! Find our advice in this article for a quick and effective routine.

The moisturizing cream, the all-in-one treatment to apply morning and evening.

We are moving away from the use of day creams and night creams, serums that are only to be applied in the morning and those only to be applied in the evening. We are focusing on a single cream, which we use morning and evening without asking too many questions. However, it is important to choose a cream that is not only moisturizing but also compatible with your skin type.

If you have sensitive, dry, normal, or combination skin, ourmoisturizing creamwith 9 ingredients is suitable. If you have oily skin, you should lean towards thepurifying creamZinc PCA 4% + bamboo extract. Enriched with sebum-regulating and antibacterial agents, it purifies the skin and combats skin imperfections.

Apply a tinted serum every morning for a healthy glow effect throughout the day.

The tinted serum oscillates between foundation, BB-cream, and classic serum. Theadvantage with tinted serumsis that they offer a two-step action. Enriched with hydrating and nourishing actives similar to those of a serum, they first deliver their healing virtues to feed the hydrolipidic barrier and then, in a second step, perfect the complexion. Traditional foundations, on the other hand, are not all equipped with the same properties: they simply serve to unify the complexion or cover imperfections, which is not ideal when you want to achieve radiance.

Therefore, for new mothers, tinted serums are ideal as they save time in the morning beauty routine. They replace the application of a serum followed by a foundation.

Formulated without nanoparticles and silicones, thetinted serums by Typologyare non-occlusive and do not clog pores. They are composed of99% natural origin ingredients. Enriched withvitamin Cfor skin radiance andaloe verafor skin hydration, they provide light coverage and even out the skin tone. Moreover, these 2-in-1 products exclude fragrance, nanoparticles, and silicones that are often included in the formulation of traditional foundations and can promote the appearance of imperfections. Each tinted serum can match a wide range of skin tones. The six shades of our serums have been developed according to the FITZPATRICK phototype scale.

Note : Tinted serums are primarily used for camouflaging spots and minor imperfections on the skin of your face and neck. They cannot cover significant imperfections such as acute redness and large pimples.

Eye contour care, a necessity for rejuvenating one's gaze.

It's no secret that when one becomes a mother, sleep hours decrease. The resulting fatigue is accompanied by physical manifestations, such as bags and dark circles under the eyes. If this is your case, caffeine is your best ally. Indeed, this active ingredient has several benefits:

  • It stimulates the microcirculation of blood.

    As a true draining agent, caffeine enhances blood microcirculation, which not only tones the skin but also allows oxygen and nutrients to permeate the cells. The result: dark circles appear less purple and blood vessels are also less visible.

  • It decongests the tissues.

    By draining the lymphatic fluid often trapped under the lower eyelid, caffeine visibly decongests swollen eyes. Once it is removed from this sensitive area, it gradually begins to deflate to regain a smooth and taut appearance.

  • It combats skin aging.

    Loaded with potent antioxidants, caffeine combats the early signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the eye contour. This active ingredient actively fights free radicals that attack the epidermis and stimulates cellular renewal.

To combat dark circles or bags under the eyes, you can choose our eye serum or our dark circle and bag cream, both containing caffeine. However, these treatments have no effect on hollow dark circles and fatty bags.

Furthermore, in the morning, you can apply our tinted under-eye concealer. This hybrid formula, halfway between makeup, blurs dark circles and bags in one step. Indeed, it is enriched with caffeine, niacinamide, and cornflower hydrosolfor a long-lasting effect on the appearance of dark circles and bags.

Pampering oneself in the shower.

Sometimes, for mothers, the shower is one of the only moments of respite in the day. It's worth making the most of it!

For a moment of softness and relaxation, opt for a shower oil. Compared to a shower gel, shower oil is formulated with a higher percentage of vegetable oils with various properties, and moisturizing and lipid-replenishing agents, not to mention its cleansing base (surfactants). However, with such a composition, this product does not merely cleanse the body's skin but also offers additional benefits (nourishment, soothing, protection).

Our shower oil re-lipidating Vitamin E+F 2.5% + Bitter Almond Extract is an antioxidant treatment that restores suppleness to the epidermis and reduces feelings of tightness while delicately scenting the skin with a light almond fragrance.


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