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Bienfaits acide férulique peau.

What Are the Benefits of Ferulic Acid?

Ferulic acid is a derivative of cinnamic acid. This active ingredient fights against cell oxidation and thus fights against photoaging of the skin. It is found in many cereals such as rye, oats and corn. It is also present in the bark of certain trees such as fir and pine, as well as in fruits and vegetables (grapes, spinach, rhubarb...). Let's focus on the benefits of ferulic acid.

Origin and Benefits of Ferulic Acid for the Skin.

Derived from rice bran, ferulic acid takes its name from a herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family, called "Ferula" (giant fennel). In cosmetics, this organic acid is mainly used in serums, but it is also found in creams, lotions and cleansers. It is generally introduced at a dosage of between 1.5 and 3%. Ferulic acid has many benefits for the skin:

  • It ensures the longevity of cells by strengthening their resistance to free radical attacks. Free radicals are unstable molecules generated by all sorts of factors (pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, etc.). Consisting of a single electron, free radicals are very reactive and attack the skin's healthy cells and proteins, thus accelerating its aging process. The hydroxy and phenoxy groups of ferulic acid give electrons to deactivate free radicals by making them more stable and less reactive. Thus, ferulic acid delays skin aging and protects the skin from external aggressions. It slows down the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and/or brown spots on the skin's surface.

  • Several studies have demonstrated the lightning power of ferulic acid. Its chemical structure is similar to that of tyrosine, the amino acid that controls melanin synthesis. Thus, ferulic acid blocks the formation of melanin by competitive inhibition with tyrosine and thus reduces the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation. It fights effectively against the appearance of the brown spots, and brings brightness and luminosity to the dull and tired complexions.

  • Thanks to its soothing properties, ferulic acid calms irritation and redness, particularly those caused by sun exposure.

Typology Ferulic Acid Serum.

Our antioxidant serum brightens and evens out the complexion, helps fight skin aging and firms the skin. It contains 3% ferulic acid and 3% resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that acts upstream (prevents the formation of free radicals) and downstream (neutralizes existing free radicals). The serum has a rather thick texture, which is why we recommend using it in the evening, before bedtime. It should be kept away from light and humidity in a dry and cool place.

Please note: This serum naturally turns yellow over time, but this effect does not alter the effectiveness of the product.


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