Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Huile végétale d'olive

What is "Olea Europaea Fruit Oil" and what is its utility?

The "Olea Europaea Fruit Oil" is the I.N.C.I. name for theolive vegetable oil. Nutritious, revitalizing, and antioxidant, it has interesting properties for the skin and hair. Let's focus on its virtues in beauty care.

Olive oil, an ingredient whose reputation is well-established.

The olive tree (Olea Europaea) is a fruit-bearing tree belonging to the Oleaceae family and originates from the Mediterranean basin. Its oil, obtained by cold pressing the pulp of olives, contains the highest content of oleic acid. The Mediterranean people had the habit of massaging themselves with olive oil from head to toe. Today, it remains just as popular in food as it is in cosmetics.

For a bit of background, the olive tree is the first tree to appear in the history of the world (Genesis). It is thus recounted that when Noah sent the dove as a scout, the bird brought back an olive branch indicating that the water level had decreased.

Olive oil, what are its benefits for the skin and hair?

Due to its biochemical composition, olive vegetable oil possesses numerous virtues.

  • As an antioxidant, it combats skin aging as well as the deterioration of hair fibers.

    Particularly concentrated in vitamin E as well as polyphenols, olive oil is an excellent antioxidant treatment to protect the skin and hair from free radicals. As a reminder, these are reactive oxygen species naturally produced by the body. However, when cells are faced with stress, they produce them in excessive amounts. The sources of stress are numerous, the main ones being exposure to UVA, pollution, smoking, a diet too rich in fats and/or sugars. Free radicals are particularly unstable molecules due to their single electron. They tend to react with other molecules to form an electron pair, and thus cause damage to cells, DNA, and proteins in the body. This accelerates aging and wrinkles appear on the skin's surface. Regarding hair, oxidative stress makes it dull, accelerates the appearance of white hair or even hair loss. The molecules present in olive oil, such as polyphenols, have the ability to donate electrons to free radicals to stabilize them and thus make them less harmful. Vegetable olive oil is therefore a valuable ally in preventing skin aging as well as the deterioration of hair fibers.

  • Nourishing due to its fatty acid content, it softens the skin and hair.

    Rich in omega-6 and omega-9, it also providesnutritionandelasticityto the skin, andprevents dehydrationbystrengthening the barrier functionof the epidermis. The hydrolipidic film improves the resistance of the horny layer against external aggressions and limits insensible water loss. Thus, olive vegetable oil is described asrelipidating, it is recommended for taking care of dry and dehydrated skin. When applied to hair, it nourishes and brings shine to the hair, hence its recommendation for dull hair.

  • As an anti-inflammatory, it accelerates the healing processes.

    The triterpenes found in many vegetable oils, and particularly in olive oil, accelerate the healing of wounds and micro-lesions. As a reminder, wound healing is divided into three phases: cellular migration, cellular proliferation, and collagen deposition. Olive oil is thus recommended for irritations causing micro-lesions, such as the frequent itching associated with eczema or acne breakouts.

In which Typology treatments can one find olive oil?

We have developed several treatments containing this vegetable oil, primarily due to its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties.

Our four solid face and body soaps are enriched with organic olive oil: the hydrating cleansing care, the purifying, the rebalancing and the exfoliating. They are produced through cold saponification and contain a significant amount of superfat. To clarify, superfat refers to the amount of vegetable oil that remains after the saponification reaction, the higher the percentage, the more gentle and nourishing the soap is. These soaps are made in France and contain 100% natural origin ingredients.

Olive oil is also included in our nourishing face cream. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and shea butter, this cream is a treatment enriched with lipid-replenishing and moisturizing active ingredients to restore skin suppleness and reduce feelings of tightness.


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