Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Quand utiliser l'huile de barbe ?

When to use beard oil?

Maintaining one's beard helps to limit bacterial growth and ensures a well-groomed appearance. Beard oil is a recommended treatment for caring for the beard as well as the skin, which is often irritated in this area of the face due to shaving. How often should beard oil be used? At what time of the day? Find all our advice here.

What is beard oil and why should it be used?

A beard oil is a single-phase oily substance that typically contains vegetable oils combined with essential oils. Its functions are manifold: to soften and tame the hair, limit the growth of bacteria, moisturize the skin and reduce potential itching related to shaving, and even provide a pleasant fragrance. Moreover, some beard oils are enriched with active ingredients to stimulate hair growthsuch as basil extract this allows to fill in any gaps and densify the beard to give it a more uniform appearance.

When should beard oil be applied? How often?

Firstly, this type of treatment is preferably applied to a clean beard. Indeed, cleansing unclogs the pores, allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper into the hair follicles. In this regard, you could, for example, use our purifying cleansing gel. Rich in purifying active ingredients such as zinc PCA, this cleansing gel sanitizes the skin, regulates sebum production, and limits the development of imperfections. You can also apply a beard exfoliant once or twice a week to remove dead cells on the surface, thus preventing the development of ingrown hairs under the beard, sanitizing the skin and scalp, and stimulating hair and beard growth.

Only if the beard oil does not contain photosensitizing compounds such as lemon essential oil, it can be applied in the morning and/or evening. In cases of dry and brittle beards, the beard oil can be used twice daily, morning and evening. However, those with oily skin should rather apply the beard oil once a day or even every other day, to improve the appearance of the beard without creating an overly greasy effect.


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