New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Comment bien choisir son huile de barbe ?

What to look for in a beard oil

Growing a beard means looking after it every day. There are many products designed with this in mind, including beard oil, which has become an essential in beard care kits. With the range of products available on the market, it’s not easy to choose the right one. Here’s some advice for choosing the right beard oil for you.

Your quick guide to beard oil

Beard oil is a lipophilic liquid generally made up of two types of ingredients: botanical oils and essential oils. It should be used on facial hair and has multiple functions: to soften and discipline hairs, reduce the development of bacteria, hydrate your skin, limit any potential razor burn, and smell nice. Some beard oils contain active ingredients to stimulate hair growth, like basil extract, which helps to fill in any gaps and thicken a beard to make it look more even.

How to choose your beard oil?

There are several criteria to take into account when choosing a beard oil:

  • Its composition:

If your beard is dry, choose a beard oil rich in botanical oils that are known for their nourishing benefits, such as jojoba oil or argan oil. Men who are prone to irritation and/or itching caused by shaving should use a soothing beard oil containing, for example, hemp oil, St John’s Wort, or arnica. If your beard is sparse and has some gaps, certain beard oils contain active ingredients which boost hair growth, like basil extract or castor oil.

Please note: Certain beard oils have a mixture of several botanical oils, to provide several benefits. In fact, some beard oils are nourishing, soothing and strengthening at the same time.

  • The type of beard:

It’s important to take into account your beard’s hair type and length when choosing a beard oil. A light and non-greasy oil will be better suited to a three-day-old beard, but for a long beard it’s better to choose a richer oil.

  • The ease of application:

Want our advice? Choose a beard oil with a pipette, which will make it a lot easier to measure out and apply.

  • The fragrance:

The essential oils contained in a beard oil can provide antibacterial properties, like rosemary essential oil with camphor, or thyme essential oil with linalool. However, their main function is to provide a fresh, appealing fragrance, so you can choose your beard oil according to your favourite smell: woody, floral, fruity, spicy, etc…

Typology’s beard oil

Our beard oil contains several botanical oils: hemp, castor, argan, sunflower. It also contains green mandarin zest essential oil, as well as Scots pine essential oil, which gives it a fresh, woody fragrance of forest and pine sap. Our beard oil is packaged in a bottle with a pipette, so you can simply apply a couple of drops to the palms of your hands and rub them together to warm up and spread out the product. Apply it to your facial hair, massaging your beard in the direction the hair grows to help it penetrate the hair.

Pro Tip: For long beards, use a brush or beard comb to help apply your beard oil.


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