Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Informations sur le masque hydratant visage.

Everything you need to know about the hydrating mask.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Its role is to protect the body from external aggressions. This barrier function is ensured by the hydrolipidic film, composed of water and lipids. Proper hydration is crucial to strengthen the cohesion of the skin barrier. Hydrating masks are suitable treatments to ensure this. Discover here everything there is to know about them.

Why hydrate your skin?

Dry, normal, oily, combination or sensitive, regardless of its type, the skin needs water to maintain its suppleness and elasticity. Hydration is essential to prevent premature skin aging, loss of radiance, and feelings of tightness. However, in the face of certain external aggressions such as the sun's UV rays and pollution, the skin dehydrates quickly.

Generally, from a biological perspective, dehydrated skin is due toa failure in the hydrolipidic barrier which is no longer able to retain water. Moreover, over the years, the decrease in hyaluronic acid content (a macromolecule capable of retaining up to a thousand times its weight in water) in the dermis also affects the skin's deep hydration.

What is a hydrating mask?

A hydrating mask is a skincare treatment that contains hygroscopic compounds capable of retaining water in the superficial layers of the skin. It typically acts immediately on skin hydration, which helps to diminish the appearance of dehydration-induced fine lines and soothe feelings of tightness. In the cosmetic market, this type of treatment is available in cream or fabric form. It is generally suitable for all skin types, even the oiliest, and is applied once or twice a week.

How to use a hydrating mask?

A hydrating mask should be applied to a cleansed, makeup-free and dry skin. To enhance the penetration of active ingredients through the skin, it is recommended to perform a facial scrub just before using the hydrating mask. In this regard, depending on your skin type, you can use the brightening facial scrub (for dry, uncomfortable and/or dull skin) or the regenerating facial scrub (for dry skin showing signs of aging). Following the scrub, the hydrating mask can be applied evenly to dry skin in a semi-thick layer, avoiding the eye contour. It is recommended to leave the treatment on for 10 minutes before rinsing your face with clear water.

Tip : To enhance this hydration boost, it may be beneficial to apply a moisturizing cream and/or serum immediately after. For instance, you can apply the 9-ingredient facial moisturizing cream , enriched with hyaluronic acid and coconut oil. If you prefer a lighter texture, the plumping serum with 3% hyaluronic acid and 2% provitamin B5 counters the natural decrease of hyaluronic acid in the skin, resulting in hydrated, plump, and smoother skin.

The Typology Hydrating Mask.

Our moisturizing mask & plumping combines an extract of tremella, a natural source of hyaluronic acid, with organic aloe vera, an excellent moisturizing and soothing active ingredient, to rehydrate the skin and strengthen the impermeability of its barrier. The skin is soft, supple and plumped, and maintains its hydration over time. Its gel-like texture melts onto the skin and instantly soothes it.


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