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Avis eau micellaire Typology.

What are the reviews on Typology Micellar Water?

Developed by French laboratories in 1991, micellar water has established itself as a new option for makeup removal and daily skin cleansing. At Typology, its composition is based on a simple formula and a blend of straightforward ingredients. Discover here the reviews of our buyers on this product.

Typology's Micellar Water: What Sets Us Apart?

Hygiene is the first step in skin care. Therefore, the choice of cleansing product is crucial and can make all the difference. At Typology, we have developed a micellar water to gently and effortlessly cleanse the face, neck, lips, and eyes, morning and evening. By leveraging micelle technology, the surfactants contained in the formula (poloxamer 184) help remove lipid residues and various daily impurities from the skin's surface, all while maintaining the skin's hydration balance.

Formulated according to a physiological pH ranging between 4.8 and 5.3 to avoid disrupting the skin's protective barrier, our micellar water is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The rigorous selection of ingredients allows us to ensure an optimal tolerance. Indeed, during the design process, we took into account the discomforts that intolerant or reactive skin types may encounter.

Thus, micellar water was developed according to our formulation charter which is strict, using only essential ingredients for the product's function, without any superfluous elements. Vegan, it isalcohol-free, essential oil-free, and fragrance-free, it has a minimalist formula containing only seven ingredients, of which 96% are of natural origin.

Complete list of ingredients : Aqua (Water), Poloxamer 184, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Cetrimonium Bromide, Sodium Hydroxide.

Typology's 7-ingredient micellar water: what are the customer reviews on this product?

With over 789 reviews collected to date since its launch in December 2019, our 7-ingredient micellar water holds a rating of 4.4/5. It is appreciated for its simplified formula, its high skin and ocular tolerance, its naturalness, and the immediate results observed. Endowed with moisturizing properties with glycerin, it leaves the skin clean, refreshed, and hydrated.

  • Laura (06/24/2019): "This micellar water is perfect for refining makeup removal gently. In the morning, its refreshing aspect is top-notch!"

  • Nina P. (04/07/2019) : "Does the job of a micellar water. Good makeup remover and it's nice to know what's in the product."

  • Fernande M. (01/04/2020): "Very good! I use it for removing makeup from my eyes and it's just perfect. It doesn't sting the eyes and cleans very well!"

  • Élodie D. (04/06/2020): "Ideal for replacing a traditional makeup remover (oil or other) in case of time constraints or travel. It rids the skin of makeup and pollution traces, leaving it clean and soft. Not harsh at all."

  • Elizaveta B. (08/30/2020) : "Quality product. After use, there is no feeling of skin tightness."

  • Pauline M. (10/20/2020): "Cleans without leaving a film on the skin, leaves a very pleasant scent"

  • Filipa V. (11/11/2020): "This is the only makeup remover that doesn't sting my eyes when I use it. With all other makeup removers, it was the opposite and not very pleasant. I recommend it."

  • Dawn D. (09/12/2020) : "I found this product to be very gentle and effective, even though my skin reacts to everything."

  • Mélina S.: (12/12/2020)"Removes makeup very well and doesn't sting the eyes! I find that mascara is the most annoying to remove, but with this micellar water, it's very easy."

  • Juliea D. (03/29/2021) : "The micellar water removes makeup well and it seems a bit gentler on the skin than others! However, waterproof mascara requires a bit of patience."

  • Valentina S. (04/09/2021): "It doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin like some other micellar waters. It is light and clean on the skin, very refreshing and purifying. I have sensitive skin and this water doesn't exacerbate any issues. I haven't had any skin breakouts after using this water and it is very effective for makeup removal."

  • Pauline D. (04/25/2022): "I really like this micellar water: it's effective and doesn't irritate the skin or sting the eyes. It's very gentle."

  • Noémie D. (05/17/2022): "This micellar water removes makeup and cleanses my skin very well without drying it out, it's perfect!"

  • Eymenier34 (10/08/2023): "I use nothing else. Having very sensitive skin, it's the only one that doesn't burn me, doesn't cause small pimples, leaves the skin soft. I recommend it 100%"

"Effective", "non-sticky", "soft", "non-aggressive", "pleasant", "non-greasy", "comfortable", "light", "fresh", "non-comedogenic", "purifying", "non-drying" are the terms that have been chosen by our customers to describe our micellar water.

The tests conducted on the use of our micellar water.

A usage test under dermatological and ophthalmological control was conducted on the micellar water with 7 ingredients, proving its effects and good skin compatibility. Of the 23 volunteers with normal to sensitive skin, accustomed to wearing makeup, who used the micellar water once a day for four weeks:

  • Efficacy: 95% reported that the micellar cleansing lotion effectively removes makeup from the skin, eyes, and lips, without leaving any residue;

  • Tolerance: 95% mentioned that the micellar cleansing water does not sting the eyes, does not cause tightness, and does not create redness, but on the contrary, leaves the skin soft and comfortable;

  • Comfort: 90% stated that the micellar solution does not leave a greasy film or sticky finish on the skin.

The micellar water with 7 ingredients thus appears to effectively meet the skin's needs, serving as a daily makeup remover and cleanser that is both refreshing and soothing.


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