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Soins cosmétiques à base de bisabolol.

In which product(s) can we find bisabolol?

Bisabolol is increasingly becoming a staple in cosmetic care. This gentle, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and non-toxic active ingredient is highly praised for its numerous virtues. Here, you will find the different galenic forms of bisabolol-based skincare.

Published June 19, 2023, updated on January 31, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 9 min read

The benefits of bisabolol.

Found in the essential oils of certain plants, bisabolol is a monocyclic sesquiterpenic alcohol that can be obtained naturally or synthetically. A very gentle active ingredient, the bisabolol is a friend to sensitive, irritated, or dry skin, and can even be used by pregnant women. Its application brings numerous benefits to the skin and hair.

  • Moisturizing : bisabolol acts as a humectant to retain water within the epidermal cells. It thus contributes to the maintenance of the skin barrier and the prevention of dehydration fine lines.

  • Anti-inflammatory : Bisabolol has the ability to inhibit the activity of COX-2, an inflammatory membrane protein that releases prostaglandins, as well as the action of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, bisabolol can be used to soothe skin or scalp itching or certain redness.

  • Antioxidant : Bisabolol protects the skin against free radicals, thereby assisting in slowing down skin aging. It also protects the hair from the appearance of split ends or breakage.

  • Healing : bisabolol promotes the activity of the fibroblast growth factor, the fibers responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are essential for the formation of scar tissue. It also encourages the multiplication and migration of fibroblasts to the wound area.

  • Prevention of aging signs : bisabolol has the ability to inhibit collagenase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down the peptide bonds of collagen and its degradation. The action of bisabolol on collagenase helps to prevent this phenomenon and contributes to skin suppleness.

  • Antibacterial : Multiple sources have shown that bisabolol has an effect against certain resistant bacterial strains. This active ingredient can thus help regulate the bacterial populations living on our skin.

  • Bleaching : a study has highlighted the inhibitory effect of bisabolol on melanogenesis, making it an ally in the fight against pigment spots.

Bisabolol: In which skincare products is it used?

Thanks to its numerous properties, bisabolol has established itself as an indispensable active ingredient in the composition of cosmetic care products. Whether they are intended for the face, body, or even hair, bisabolol is found in many care products. There is no restriction at the European level regarding the maximum concentration of bisabolol that can be found in a cosmetic product. However, a content of 1% is generally sufficient to enjoy its benefits.

  • Eye contour care.

    The eye contour is a delicate area prone to dehydration due to the near absence of hydrolipidic film in this location. To care for it, there are products specifically formulated for the eye contour. Some of these contain bisabolol, due to its moisturizing and soothing properties. Moreover, bisabolol has an inhibitory action on the melanogenesis, which allows it to fade brown dark circles.

  • Skincare to prevent skin aging.
    Thanks to its antioxidant properties, bisabolol helps to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. It indeed fights against oxidative stress and helps to preserve the skin's structural proteins. Creams, serums, milk... This active ingredient is present in a wide variety of different formulations. Moreover, bisabolol has a protective action on collagen fibers, which are essential for skin suppleness.

  • Anti-brown spot treatments.
    Sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation caused by skin eruptions... whether it's for the skin of the face or body, bisabolol can be used to fade the appearance of brown spots and is included in the composition of various cosmetic treatments formulated for this purpose.

  • Hydrating masks.
    Ideal for caring for dehydrated or weakened skin, bisabolol can be found in the form of hydrating masks. To be applied for about fifteen to thirty minutes on the face or body and often to be rinsed off, this type of treatment provides the skin with overall hydration and helps it restore its hydrolipidic film.

  • Healing balms.
    The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of bisabolol allow it to be incorporated into certain soothing treatments, particularly in the form of rich creams or lotions. These provide the skin with a feeling of softness and calm, and are primarily intended for individuals with sensitive or irritated skin.

  • Haircare.
    The bisabolol can also be found in haircare products such as shampoos. As a moisturizer, it helps to take care of the scalp. Moreover, its antifungal properties make it an ally in fighting against dandruff, which some studies have shown to be linked to an overgrowth of Malasseziatype fungi. Therefore, bisabolol is also present in certain anti-dandruff shampoos or lotions.

  • Dental hygiene care.

    Toothpastes, mouthwashes... Bisabolol is also found in these types of products. Indeed, its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties allow it to help reduce gum inflammation and minor mouth pain. Moreover, bisabolol contributes to maintaining good oral hygiene due to its antibacterial activity. Several studies have even shown that it can combat the proliferation of Bacillus Solobacterium Moorei, the bacteria associated with halitosis, or bad breath.

  • Deodorants.

    Bisabolol is also found in deodorants. Its soothing properties allow it to counterbalance the irritating effect of certain molecules frequently incorporated into deodorants, such as aluminum salts. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory activity of bisabolol is beneficial in preventing or reducing irritations caused by hair removal or shaving.

The use of bisabolol in Typology skincare.

At Typology, we have chosen to incorporate bisabolol into many of our skincare products.

  • The CBD and squalane ointment mask : this mask, specifically designed for sensitive and weakened skin, helps to alleviate feelings of discomfort, tightness, and redness. It is used once or twice a week for supple and soothed skin and has an oil-in-gel texture that transforms into milk upon contact with water for easy rinsing.

  • The peeling mask : composed of an exfoliating complex made up of four AHAs and one PHA, this concentrated gel mask eliminates dead cells to unclog pores and refine skin texture. After application, the complexion is evened out and the skin texture is smoothed. This mask also helps to reduce the presence of blackheads over time.

  • The glycolic acid exfoliating serum : concentrated in exfoliating and astringent actives, our glycolic acid serum fights against blackheads and enlarged pores, for a smooth and unified complexion. The bisabolol present in this care helps to counterbalance the sometimes irritating effect of glycolic acid.

  • The Woman range : to meet the various needs of women's skin during the menstrual cycle, Typology has developed the Woman range, consisting of four serums corresponding to the four weeks of a cycle. The first contains bisabolol and aims to hydrate and soothe the skin.

  • The anti-blemish shower gel : concentrated with exfoliating and purifying active ingredients, our glycolic acid shower gel unclogs pores, reduces blemishes, and fights against the appearance of ingrown hairs. Similarly, in the exfoliating serum, bisabolol was chosen to counteract the irritating effect of glycolic acid.


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