New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Quantité d'anti-cernes teinté à appliquer.

Tinted Concealer: How Much Should You Apply?

Violet or brown. Dark circles can be caused by heredity, age or a poor lifestyle. In all cases, these small "imperfections" can be camouflaged with a concealer. However, in order to camouflage these under-eye marks, it is necessary to apply the right amount of concealer. Here you will find out, how much you should use.

What is the Purpose of Tinted Concealer?

The eye contour area is a very sensitive and fragile area, as the skin is thinner there than on the rest of the face. As a result, signs of fatigue or aging (fine lines, puffiness) can easily set in and leave unsightly marks (dark circles). These are characterized by an abnormal coloring of the underside of the eye and are more or less visible. They range from bluish (vascular rings) to dark brown (pigmented rings). In other cases, dark circles can deepen the eye contour and modify the relief of the face (structural dark circles). Bags under the eyes can also be observed. This is a swelling that appears on the lower eyelid.

However, targeted eye care products exist to treat them in depth and reduce their appearance. Makeup specially dedicated to this area is also available to help blur the appearance of dark circles and give you a more even skin tone: it's called concealer. During your makeup routine, it can be used in addition to foundation or tinted serum in small touches. This colored product, which has great coverage, hides under-eye discoloration, awakens the eyes and evens out the eye area. Ideally, these two formulas should be combined for optimal effectiveness.

Typology has developed a high-coverage tinted concealer that combines skin care and makeup. It allows to act directly on the root causes of dark circles, but also to blur them immediately in a single step. Available in 6 shades, the dark circle concealer is a tinted hybrid treatment concentrated with caffeine, cornflower hydrolate and niacinamide. These active ingredients improve blood microcirculation around the eyes, smooth the skin, reduce water retention (which is responsible for puffiness) and reduce the intensity of dark circles.

How much tinted concealer should I apply?

To brighten your eyes and achieve a natural look, choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. However, if you choose a shade that is too dark, it may darken your dark circles, making them even more visible, and on the contrary, if you choose a shade that is too light, you will end up with grayish circles.

For its application, the equivalent of a grain of rice is largely sufficient. Avoid using too much material to prevent a plastered effect. Then, spread the material over your dark circles, starting from the inner corner of the eye towards the outside. Spread it with your fingers, gently tapping the underside of the eye to make it penetrate more easily. Above all, avoid rubbing because the eye contour is the area of the face where the skin is the thinnest, the most fragile and the most sensitive. It therefore requires particularly delicate movements.


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